What kind of baked goods do you have on hand?

We always have a variety of our signature treat, the "Jam Pocket" in the case. They are made from scratch pastries filled with our homemade jam, and topped with a sweet glaze that is naturally colored with fruit purees.  We also offer non-jam pockets that are filled with chocolate ganache, brown sugar cinnamon, etc.  Aside from pockets, you can usually expect 2-3 other baked goods on a given day, varying from muffins, scones, coffee cake, cookies, or cupcakes.  Occasionally, we'll have gluten free items out, but it's always best to order ahead for any special dietary requests.

is this all you have?

Yep!  We are as small as they come- a literal mom & pop shop with no intentions of ever being a commercial bakery.  What we prepare daily in our little kitchen takes time and skill, and we're proud of what we put out.  We do love special orders, so if you know what you want ahead of time, get in touch and we'd be happy to make something just for you!

Where's the jam?

It's in our hearts and our jam pockets! Jam making is where it all began, but unfortunately it isn't sustainable to make it to sell year round.  Instead, we focus on picking local fruit when it's in season, from farms that we trust, and jar it up at the peak of it's ripeness.  We usually have jars on the shelf in two waves during a typical year...during the spring and summer, and then again around the holidays.  Procuring fruit, making the jam, and packaging it all up is a labor of love, and there's only so much two people can do.  It is highly sought after and goes quick. Our best advice is to watch our facebook page closely, and get into the shop fast once it's announced!


No, however the majority of our ingredients are organic and/or non-GMO. We always strive to source the cleanest ingredient in our reach. We also aim to use local ingredients when available. You are always welcome to ask about specific items you may have questions about.